About CCUR Holdings


CCUR Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: CCUR), formerly known as Concurrent Computer Corporation, changed its name in January 2018 following the sale of its former Real-Time business to Battery Ventures in May 2017 and Content Delivery & Storage business in December 2017. CCUR Holdings’ stock was previously traded on the Nasdaq Global Market and is currently traded on the OTCQB Venture Market. CCUR Holdings’ current assets and operations include its real estate operations (operated through its subsidiary Recur Holdings LLC), cash, investment securities held, receivables from the sale of our operating businesses held in escrow, taxes receivable, and tax assets attributable to our net operating losses.


Our Board of Directors has formed an Investment Committee, comprised of board members, to evaluate options to maximize the value of our assets following our 2017 business dispositions. The Investment Committee’s process includes evaluating opportunities to acquire all or a controlling interest in one or more operating businesses or assets intended to provide attractive returns for our stockholders, a more liquid trading market for our stock, and enhance our ability to utilize our existing U.S. federal net operating loss carryforwards. There has not been a specific timeline established for the acquisition process.


The Investment Committee is also tasked with expanding and developing our continuing operating activities to enhance stockholder value. During fiscal year 2018, the Company began developing real estate operations initially through making a number of commercial loans secured by real property. Based on the success of these activities, including the yield characteristics of these loans, and management’s experience in the real estate area, the Company created Recur Holdings LLC, a Delaware limited liability company wholly owned by the Company, through which the Company will hold and manage its existing and future real estate operations. As a part of its real estate operations, the Company plans to continue to assess opportunities to create value through real property ownership, financing and/or development, among other strategies. The Company intends to continue to build on its current operations through its newly formed subsidiary while it continues to evaluate acquisition and strategic opportunities (within or outside the real estate sector).